VoiceFriend for
skilled nursing communities

  • Save over $50K/yr. in operating expenses
  • Quickly and effectively manage staff call-outs and open shifts
  • Easily send emergency alerts to staff and families
  • Automatically remind staff of license and training due dates

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VoiceFriend enables skilled nursing communities to reach the right people with the right information at the right time.

Every day, you spend hours trying to find staff to fill open shifts or coverage for staff call-outs—while also trying to keep your staff informed of important alerts and due dates. It’s costly, time-consuming and frustrating.

With VoiceFriend, you can easily alert staff members about open shifts and other critical information. Each staff member gets personalized messages via their communications preference (phone, text or email)—and even in their preferred language.

For urgent issues, messages can be sent to individual staff members, selected staff groups (e.g., per diem, part-time or full-time) or the entire staff.

Calculate how much your community could potentially save each year with our free—and anonymous—VoiceFriend Impact Calculator.

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VoiceFriend helps skilled nursing communities:

  • Reduce costs – Communities using VoiceFriend have reduced overtime expenses by up to 25%, saving tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Quickly solve staff coverage issues – Greatly reduce the time required to fill open shifts and staff call-outs (typically 2–3 hours a day) to just 5–10 minutes!
  • Ensure staff compliance – VoiceFriend ensures licenses and training dates are met.

VoiceFriend in action at Life Care Centers of America

Life Care Center's Attleboro community had the typical challenges that all skilled nursing communities face. Overtime expenses were higher than they liked, and the cumbersome process of finding coverage for staff call-outs was taking up hours every day.

So Life Care turned to VoiceFriend to help them improve performance. They implemented the VoiceFriend Notification Solution and its easy-to-use messaging system.

The results? Their efforts to find coverage for staff call-outs were reduced from hours to minutes—greatly reducing frustration levels. Better yet, overtime expenses were also reduced. After successfully utilizing the system for open shifts, the team expanded the use of VoiceFriend to include in-service training reminders, facility events and activities and positive announcements.


"Automating routine communications to staff has transformed our community. Costs have been reduced and our staff are more productive."

Patrick O'Connor, Executive Director, Life Care Center of Attleboro

"VoiceFriend has enabled our nursing team to focus on care and minimize time spent finding coverage for staff call-outs. The impact to staff productivity has been huge."

Chaim Wolmack, Director, Centers for Specialty Care Group

Put VoiceFriend to work for you in just 30 minutes

Easy to set up

Using our step-by-step guide, you can have VoiceFriend set up and ready to start helping your community in 30 minutes or less.

No special equipment required

VoiceFriend does not require special equipment or software downloads. To send messages, all you need is internet access. To receive messages, all you need is a landline or cell phone.

Simple to use

VoiceFriend uses an Outlook-like calendar system to easily define individuals, groups (CNA’s, RN, Dietary, etc.) or the entire community—and then schedule automated alerts and reminders (one-time or recurring) to be sent out exactly when you want.

VoiceFriend lets you safely and securely schedule and manage your notifications from any device on the internet. It’s truly that simple!

Screenshot of software on computer monitor

Safety and wellness checks made easy and more effective

VoiceFriend’s new Safety and Wellness Check Module provides three easy options for seniors to perform their checks.

  • Receive an automated phone call and respond via the phone’s keypad.

  • Call into the community’s designated phone number.

  • Simply say “Alexa, tell VoiceFriend I’m okay” to their Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

VoiceFriend automatically notifies staff of which discharged patients failed to perform their wellness check or need further follow-up. 

Customize your own follow-up questions
VoiceFriend also lets you customize follow-up questions such as “How are you feeling?” or “Do you have any questions about your medications?” to further ensure wellness and satisfaction.

Reduce hospital readmission rates and avoid penalties

VoiceFriend’s Safety and Wellness Check Module also helps skilled nursing communities and rehabilitation centers address discharged patient compliance to care plans.

This compliance is key to avoiding potentially expensive penalties on your Medicare payments due to poor readmission rates.

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