Nexion Health manages discharged patients using VoiceFriend’s automated post-discharge follow-up feature. VoiceFriend’s analytics allow us to provide the reports needed to help us become the preferred care provider of hospital networks.
Ronda MarshDirector of Physician & Post-Acute Relationships, Nexion Health

Communication Made Simple

VoiceFriend provides a full set of features to meet the needs of skilled nursing.

Layer 2

Create a Communication Schedule

Organize your messages using the VoiceFriend calendar, which displays messages by day, week, or month. Audiences are color coded, so it’s easy to see which messages are scheduled for which audiences.

Layer -1

Automate Post-Discharge Follow-up

Add VoiceFriend to your existing post-discharge management process. With VoiceFriend you can automate follow-up calls and texts to your discharged patients. A color-coded dashboard highlights discharged patients who require intervention and reporting provides statistics to share with hospital networks and payers.

Layer -2

Fill Open Shifts

Fill open shifts by automating communications to staff to let them know about open shifts and call outs. With VoiceFriend you can quickly secure staff coverage and decrease overtime expenses. Learn more about how skilled nursing facilities are using VoiceFriend to fill open shifts. 

Layer -3

Manage Staff Compliance

Remind staff when certifications and licenses are due to be renewed and about upcoming training sessions. VoiceFriend tracks renewal dates for staff and sends automated notifications. Learn more about how to use VoiceFriend to automate staff compliance reminders. 

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