Created out of a common concern for our aging loved ones

VoiceFriend’s origin story isn’t very special—in fact, it’s rather common. It’s the story of people with a shared common experience: elderly relatives—loved ones who were regularly missing important opportunities to engage with others at community events and activities.

And it was all due to poor, inconsistent communications. We asked others who had parents in similar communities, and a typical comment was: “The staff there are great people who really care, but they’re stretched thin and just don’t have the time to communicate to everyone consistently.”


It was a common theme. Communications processes were very labor-intensive and prone to errors and oversights. The overworked staff struggled to keep residents and their families engaged and informed of activities, events and appointments.

They were doing the best they could, but the staff themselves were often not regularly kept up-to-date on events, activities or alerts. And they were often forced to spend their valuable time on the wrong tasks.

It was hurting the wellness and health of their residents. It was negatively impacting satisfaction ratings, referral opportunities and census. And it was inefficient.


We had the experience and technical expertise to help. And we cared about the people who care for others. It was an opportunity to make a difference.

And that’s how VoiceFriend was born well over a decade ago.


Career Opportunities

As a rapidly growing company, VoiceFriend is constantly on the lookout for experienced, skilled and motivated personnel who share our passion for building solutions that make life happier and healthier for seniors (and their families) at senior living communities, skilled nursing organizations or PACE programs.

If this sounds like you, we’d like to hear from you. Send a brief resume or backgrounder to us at:


Partnership Opportunities

Technology Integration Partners

VoiceFriend regularly collaborates with companies that provide complementary best-in-class solutions for care organizations (such as EHR, property management, payroll and other solutions). By working together to allow our solutions to share data, we each strengthen our ability to meet the needs of our mutual customers.


Referral Partners

If you’re a consultant or service provider to senior living communities, skilled nursing organizations, PACE programs or other similar care organizations, we are looking for referral partners that can help us reach organizations that could benefit from our VoiceFriend Integrated Messaging and Engagement (IME) solution.

If either of these partnerships interest you, email us at