Features That Streamline Communications for Senior Care Organizations

VoiceFriend is a must-have communication platform for organizations that care for seniors. Thousands of assisted living, independent living, skilled nursing, PACE, and home health organizations rely on VoiceFriend to send emergency alerts and routine notifications to residents, families, and staff.

    • Organize your messages using the Voicefriend communication platform calendar, which displays messages by day, week, or month. Audiences are color coded, so it’s easy to see which messages are scheduled for which audiences. 

    • Create and send messages to residents, families, and staff using the method they prefer—phone, text, email, secure on-demand dial-in, or Alexa-enabled devices. Messages can be translated in 18 languages. VoiceFriend’s best-in-breed communication platform makes it easy for you to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

    • Conduct daily, automated safety checks with the VoiceFriend communication platform to ensure your residents are thriving. Customize the questions you want to ask, and VoiceFriend automatically calls residents. Answers are saved, which allows you to quickly identify residents at risk.

    • Share critical information with residents, families and staff quickly and easily. VoiceFriend maintains a repository of messages for easy reporting.

    • Remind residents and family members about medical and transportation appointments. With the data in the VoiceFriend communication platform, residents and family members are notified about upcoming appointments via phone, email or text, which minimizes missed appointments.

    • Track which activities are the most popular, identify residents who are not engaging, and implement communications programs within the VoiceFriend communication platform to maximize participation and engagement.

    • Create surveys in the VoiceFriend communication platform to collect data on everything from satisfaction to wellness. VoiceFriend compiles the data for you so you can gain valuable insights.

    • Acknowledge important events in your residents’ lives like birthdays and anniversaries. You write the messages once and they are sent automatically using the data in the VoiceFriend communication platform.

    • Add VoiceFriend to your existing post-discharge management process. With the VoiceFriend communication platform you can automate follow-up calls and texts to your discharged patients. A color-coded dashboard highlights discharged patients who require intervention and reporting provides statistics to share with hospital networks and payers.  

    • Fill open shifts by automating communications to staff to let them know about open shifts and call outs. With the VoiceFriend communication platform you can quickly secure staff coverage and decrease overtime expenses.

    • Remind staff when certifications and licenses are due to be renewed and about upcoming training sessions. The VoiceFriend communication platform tracks renewal dates for staff and sends automated notifications.

    • Access VoiceFriend through our mobile-optimized platform or download the VoiceFriend mobile application. It’s easy to manage all of your communication through your mobile device.

    • Integrate the VoiceFriend communication platform with existing systems including EHRs, payroll systems, and property management technologies to automate data integrity. You can even integrate VoiceFriend with Accushield, which means residents are notified about visitors via automated phone calls.

    • View reports in the VoiceFriend communication platform that provide data on the messages you sent, deliverability metrics, and engagement. To meet regulatory requirements, the VoiceFriend communication platform provides reports that demonstrate all required community messages have been sent.

How VoiceFriend Works

Lots of teams use VoiceFriend to get the job done. Dining hall staff can create messages about the week’s menu, nursing leaders can send text messages about open shifts and callouts, activities directors can promote activities, clinical staff can send reminders about medical and transportation appointments, and administrators can use VoiceFriend to send emergency notifications or weather alerts.


Load your audiences

Upload excel lists of your audiences (or we can do it for you). Better yet, we can easily integrate with your EHR, property management, payroll system or other operational systems to automatically update and manage audiences.


Write messages

You write messages and select your audience. Recipients receive them in the format they prefer---email, phone, or text. Messages can be translated into 18 languages to meet the needs of all of your audiences.


Schedule messages

Your Voicefriend calendar shows you messages by day, week or month. Audiences are color coded, so it’s easy to see which messages are scheduled for which audience.


View Reports

Analytics and reporting lets you see who received your messages and keeps track of all communication.


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