“Alexa, tell StaffAlert.”

A simple, hands-free solution that allows your seniors to use any Amazon Alexa-enabled device to notify your on-duty staff for assistance.

Greater safety, convenience and peace of mind

An additional layer of protection for your seniors
StaffAlert™ is designed to augment your current alert systems with a hands-free option, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind for your seniors and their families.

Strengthens your support for the impaired
For those seniors with mobility, dexterity, sight or other impairments, the ability to alert your on-duty staff with just a simple voice command can make a huge difference in their quality of life, safety and overall satisfaction.

No additional cost
Best yet, StaffAlert is fully-integrated into the VoiceFriend Automated Notification Solution and works with any Amazon Alexa-enabled device, so there are no additional fees for its use.

Amazon Alexa-enabled devices


Boost the impact of your community tours

Include a demonstration of VoiceFriend’s powerful StaffAlert voice-activated solution on your community tours. It will showcase your commitment to staff responsiveness, the safety and comfort of your seniors, and the peace of mind of their families. Responds to a variety of common phrases for assistance requests. No added costs.

Make safety and wellness checks easier and more effective

VoiceFriend’s new Safety and Wellness Check Module uses the same Alexa skill to provide easier, more effective options for seniors to perform their safety and wellness checks. This helps staff to proactively identify seniors that may be in need of support or medical attention.

Reduce hospital readmission rates and avoid penalties

VoiceFriend’s Safety and Wellness Check Module also helps skilled nursing communities and rehabilitation centers ensure that discharged patients are compliant with their care plans to avoid hospital readmission. This compliance is key to avoiding potentially expensive penalties on your Medicare payments due to poor readmission rates.

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An added layer of protection for your seniors

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A great sales tool for prospects during events and tours

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