The VoiceFriend Companion
for the visually or mildly cognitively impaired

  • Hear all the daily activities and alerts with the push of a button
  • Keep visually and mildly cognitively impaired individuals more active and engaged
  • Guaranteed to resonate with prospects and their families
  • Simple to set up and use

VoiceFriend Companion being interacted with

Helping the visually or mildly cognitively impaired lead a more enriching, independent life

With the push of a button, residents and visitors can hear all the daily activities for the community with our exclusive VoiceFriend Companion™ message announcer. Typically placed in apartments of the visually or mildly cognitively impaired or in common areas, the Companion only announces those activities or meals that have yet to occur—thereby avoiding the chance of confusion.

Better yet, staff no longer need to remind residents with telephone calls or knocking on doors. Your residents become more engaged and independent—while your staff becomes more productive.

The VoiceFriend Companion augments our comprehensive VoiceFriend Notification Solution to help communities increase the level of service to their seniors, and free up thousands of hours in staff time annually.

VoiceFriend Companion™ in action at Brightview Senior Living

As a leading provider of senior living communities in the Eastern US, Brightview Senior Living Communities often have residents challenged by visual or mild cognitive impairment.

To better serve the visually and mildly cognitively impaired, Brightview deployed the VoiceFriend Companion message announcer at many of their communities—including Evergreen Woods. Now, with just the touch of a button, current and prospective residents can listen to announcements of the daily activities and meal specials.

Briana Benn-Mirandi, Vibrant Living Director at Brightview’s Evergreen Woods, has found that the VoiceFriend Companion is also a superb marketing tool for prospects and their families. Briana and her team proudly highlight VoiceFriend to showcase their efforts to help keep the visually and mildly cognitively impaired residents active and involved in the community.


"We tell families that we are going to keep their mother or father active and engaged in the community—and one of the ways we will do it is the VoiceFriend Notification Solution."

Briana Benn-Mirandi
Vibrant Living Director
Evergreen Woods

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Increase engagement and independence!

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VoiceFriend Companion is a great sales tool during prospect tours!

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