VoiceFriend helps you:

  • Boost senior and family engagement.
  • Reduce discharged patient readmissions.
  • Strengthen wellness and safety checks.
  • Reduce missed appointments.
  • Increase staff productivity.
  • Respond to emergencies more effectively.
  • Ensure adherence to critical regulations and requirements.
  • Address staff call-outs more efficiently and cut overtime expenses.
  • Boost satisfaction, census and hospital referrals.

In use at thousands of successful communities, VoiceFriend is a highly intuitive, simple solution that integrates seamlessly with popular EHR, property management and payroll systems to save time and reduce frustrating errors.

VoiceFriend is also very affordable and requires just 10 minutes to set up and 30 minutes of training to use.


Finally, automated messaging and effective engagement
in one integrated solution

Feature/module Staff Residents Patients Participants Families
Community messaging—to individuals, groups or multiple communities
Recipient preferred communications—choice of text, voice or email
On-demand call-in number—to listen to messages/reminders
Amazon Alexa support—ask Alexa to play messages/reminders
Automated language conversion—in each person’s preferred language
Anniversary, birthday, and other life event greetings
Surveys—for collecting wellness, feedback or preferences
Feature/module Staff Residents Patients Participants Families
Multisite messaging—to groups, regions or chain-wide via simple dashboard
Multisite reporting—view delivery reports for regulatory reporting/review
Data sharing—integration with popular EHR, property management, payroll and other key systems to boost productivity and reduce errors
Feature/module Staff Residents Patients Participants Families
Health screening surveys—to enhance safety and compliance
Automated reminders and concierge service—for events, activities, appointments and wake-up calls
Activity attendance tracking—to focus on non-participatory residents
Automated safety check-ins—to boost effectiveness and productivity, and to better identify at-risk or isolated residents
StaffAlert™ assistance alerting (via Amazon Alexa)—to boost safety and wellness
Discharged patient engagement—to ensure care plans are being followed, reducing the risk of hospital readmittance and increasing hospital referrals
Automated appointment reminders—for medical or transportation appointments
Feature/module Staff Residents Patients Participants Families
Staff call-out and open shift coverage
Compliance management—for easy management of certification, license and training schedules (including reminder notifications)

Customer feedback

“Since we have implemented the VoiceFriend solution, we have seen increased staff productivity and better resident attendance at events and activities. This is especially important as social interaction helps keep seniors’ minds sharp.”

—Diane Carvalho, Executive Director, Five Star Senior Living

“88% of our families indicated they were greatly satisfied with our level of communications during COVID-19. We attribute this result primarily to our use of VoiceFriend.”

—Meera Riner, Chief Operating Officer, Nexion Health

Managing multiple communities/sites? VoiceFriend can help!

  • Enable executives to send alerts, notifications and reminders to one or more communities from a simple corporate dashboard.
  • Choose groups or subgroups (seniors, families, staff, nursing staff, etc.).
  • Allow corporate personnel to control the content of vital messages.
  • Send corporate instructions or uplifting and thankful notes to staff at various communities.
  • Easily generate compliance and regulatory reports.

“With just a few clicks, we were able to issue vital communications to our seniors, their families, and our staff across our entire chain of communities. This allowed staff to focus their attention on seniors in need. VoiceFriend was truly a lifesaver for us.”

—Chris Harper, Vice President, Communications, The Arbor Company