VoiceFriend Safety and
Wellness Check Module

Offering three easy ways for seniors to perform
more effective safety and wellness checks

VoiceFriend’s new Safety and Wellness Check Module provides three easy options for seniors to perform their safety or wellness check and report the relative level of their wellness:

  1. Receive a phone call and press a number on the phone keypad to report  their level of wellness.
  2. Call the community's designated phone number by a specific required time.
  3. Check in via their voice-activated Amazon Alexa-enabled device by simply saying “Alexa, tell VoiceFriend I’m okay.”

The VoiceFriend solution automatically notifies staff which residents failed to perform their wellness check or need further follow-up, allowing your staff to prioritize their attention.

Automatically ask your own custom follow-up questions

VoiceFriend also lets you ask helpful follow-up questions such as:

  • “How are you feeling today?”

  • “Will you be joining us for the outing?”
  • “Would you prefer the steak or fish for dinner tonight?”

VoiceFriend’s Safety and Wellness Check Module provides even greater flexibility to ensure the safety and comfort of your residents—and more efficient use of your staff time.

Improve discharged patient compliance to care plans, and reduce hospital readmissions

VoiceFriend’s Safety and Wellness Check Module also helps skilled nursing communities and rehabilitation centers address discharged patient compliance to care plans. This compliance is vital as over 70% of skilled nursing communities will receive a penalty on their Medicare payments due to poor readmission rates (according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services).

VoiceFriend also helps you reduce the opportunity for human errors and increase the accuracy and timeliness of discharged patient wellness checks. Plus, you can ask your own custom follow-up questions to further determine if the discharged patient is feeling well, following their care plan, or in need of any supplies. VoiceFriend further helps reduce labor time and costs spent on manual checks while keeping staff focused on high-priority needs and tasks.

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Improved wellness/safety of seniors in your care

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Reduced hospital readmissions

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Impactful solution for prospects and referral sources