VoiceFriend announces partnership with Accushield to automate and improve resident and family notification of visitors.

Boston, MA, August 20, 2021 — VoiceFriend, LLC, has announced that its premier Integrated Messaging and Engagement solution, VoiceFriend, now offers seamless integration with Accushield, the best in class visitor management system, to further improve resident notification of visitors and vendors. This integration development immediately adds new capabilities to each service offering with more planned for the future.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Accushield provides senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities with a kiosk solution that replaces antiquated paper logbooks. The Accushield solution creates a streamlined sign-in and health screening process for all visitors, staff and caregivers who enter and exit the building.

By integrating with VoiceFriend’s messaging capabilities, residents at these communities can now receive an automated telephone call or SMS text notification when a visitor checks in to see them. The resident can be notified whether the visitor is a family member or a vendor. If they have questions or concerns about the visitor, they can press “1” on their phone to immediately be connected to the front desk or concierge.

For communities using VoiceFriend, this integration provides another level of security for the staff and the resident. The staff gains a permanent time-stamped log of every visitor and whom they visited, as well as a log of all messages sent to a resident. The resident gains the ability to screen or refuse the visitor before hearing a knock on their door.

Additionally, it provides peace of mind for family members, who can also be automatically notified of any visitors or vendors. Accushield users gain access to VoiceFriend’s telephony and text notifications, a brand new and important capability opening up many possibilities for future applications.

“The complementary nature of our VoiceFriend Integrated Messaging and Engagement solution and Accushield’s visitor management system was very apparent to both companies,” says Ryan Galea, CEO of VoiceFriend. “We each recognized the additional layer of safety and peace of mind it brought to communities, their residents, families and staff. This integration was a highly collaborative effort between VoiceFriend and Accushield, and we are truly excited to be offering this important integration to communities and the seniors in their care.”

“VoiceFriend’s partnership with Accushield has had an impact on our residents, families and staff,” adds Michael Bardelmeier, Senior Vice President of Operations at MBK Senior Living. “Residents are automatically alerted when a visitor or vendor arrives, improving the safety and security of our communities and enabling staff to focus on other more pressing issues.”

The combined VoiceFriend–Accushield solution will be freely available to any community that subscribes to both services. Please contact VoiceFriend for details.

About VoiceFriend, LLC
Founded in 2009, VoiceFriend, LLC, developed the VoiceFriend Integrated Messaging and Engagement solution as a simple yet powerful cloud-based solution that helps skilled nursing, senior living and other care providers build better communities and operate more efficiently and effectively. Today, thousands of care providers rely on VoiceFriend to strengthen wellness and safety, increase senior and family engagement, reduce costs, boost satisfaction and census, and increase referrals.

About Accushield
Accushield helps Senior Living Communities and SNFs add an important layer of protection for residents and staff while minimizing risk potential and litigation by removing the paper sign-in clipboard from the front of the community and replacing it with the innovative Accushield touchscreen kiosk. The Accushield Sign-in Kiosk gives Operators the ability to sign in, record body temperature, and ask CDC-recommended COVID-19 screening questions for every staff member, visitor, and third-party caregiver that enters. In addition, the Accushield system provides a web-based dashboard enabling facility managers to report on and track all visitors, staff, volunteers, and third-party health care providers that sign in using the Accushield kiosk.