VoiceFriend Overview for PACE Organizations
Learn how VoiceFriend works in our 3-minute overview video.



“Staff and families have been so appreciative of these timely messages. VoiceFriend has been a great addition to our PACE program.”

—Kirsten Cone, Operations Director at CarePartners PACE

VoiceFriend is designed to help PACE organizations achieve their critical goals:


Increase staff productivity: Reduce time to fill open shifts and call-outs to 5–10 minutes and cut overtime expenses by 25%.


Boost engagement of participants and families.


Reduce missed appointments by up to 50%.


Boost satisfaction: Raise satisfaction survey results by 20% or more.


Reduce costs: Save over $50K per year in operating expenses.


Meet CDC/CMS requirements for emergency communications.

VoiceFriend is proven to boost engagement, wellness, census and staff productivity

Get the right information to the right people at the right time
With VoiceFriend, you’ll easily and accurately remind participants of appointments and transportation, or to follow their care plans. And you’ll keep families notified of support group meetings or center updates.
You’ll also have a much easier, less time-consuming means to keep staff aware of open shifts or call-outs, allowing you to fill slots without increasing overtime expenses. VoiceFriend helps you easily schedule and send one-time or recurring alerts and reminders to individual participants, groups, or your entire organization.
In the language they prefer
VoiceFriend can automatically translate your messages to virtually any major language your residents, families or staff are most comfortable with.
The way they want to be reached
VoiceFriend lets you schedule and send vital messages to the right people using the method they prefer—phone, text messaging, email, secure on-demand dial-in, or any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. With VoiceFriend, you’ll perform wellness and safety checks more effectively and with far less staff time.
Boosting senior and family engagement improves health and wellness—and census, too!
Studies show that engaging your seniors and families has a direct impact on their health and happiness. And happier seniors and families leads to more referrals and improved census!

Customer feedback

“Since starting with VoiceFriend, missed appointments are down almost 50%. The impact to our rehab services has been huge.”

—Sarah Charest, Manager of Rehabilitation Services, Hebrew SeniorLife—an affiliate of Harvard Medical School


“VoiceFriend saves time and helps with CMS and the state monitoring”.

—Sonja Felton, Executive Director, Huron Valley PACE