Sharing a desire
to make a

VoiceFriend—a common story of aging relatives

Many of us at VoiceFriend shared a common experience—elderly relatives in senior living or skilled nursing communities who experienced poor communications. Seniors and families were not being notified in a timely manner about important information and events. Was our shared experience just a coincidence?

Some further research showed that virtually all communities struggle with one or more of the following challenges:

  • Keeping residents active and engaged in activities
  • Reminding and notifying seniors with mild cognitive and visual impairments
  • Finding services that resonate with new prospects
  • Notifying residents, families and staff during emergencies or other alerts
  • Quickly and easily finding substitute staff to address staff call-outs

That’s when the idea for VoiceFriend was born.


Our mission

VoiceFriend’s mission is to help senior living, skilled nursing and other providers build better, more cost-effective communities that enrich the lives of seniors and their families.

What providers are saying about VoiceFriend

"VoiceFriend has streamlined the call-out process from hours to minutes…. It has reduced overtime costs and freed up our schedulers to take on more tasks."

Linda Keith, Regional VP of Operations, Wingate Healthcare

"Keeping seniors active and engaged in the community is critical to their health and wellness. VoiceFriend's notification solution makes a huge impact in the lives of our residents."

Deanna Lawrence, Sr. Executive Director, Brightview Senior Living

"I cannot recommend VoiceFriend more highly. It has positively impacted our community in more ways than I could have imagined."

Mark Garilli, CEO, TowerOne TowerEast

 “Whoever came up with VoiceFriend is a genius and a lifesaver. It makes my life so much easier. I love it. AWESOME!”

Farah Moises, Business Office Manager, Artis Senior Living