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  • Save over $50K/yr. in operating expenses
  • Quickly and effectively manage staff call-outs and open shifts
  • Easily send emergency and other alerts to staff, seniors and families
  • Increase senior and family engagements

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VoiceFriend enables providers to reach the right people with the right information at the right time.

Whether you’re operating a hospice, PACE program, home care agency or other community, your team spends hours every day trying to contact staff, seniors or families to notify them of important information—such as appointments and program reminders—all while dealing with a constantly changing staff schedule. It’s costly, time-consuming and frustrating.

With the VoiceFriend Notification Solution, you can schedule and send one-time or recurring alerts and reminders using phone, text messaging or email. In minutes, individuals, small groups or communities are informed via their communications preference—and even in their preferred language.

VoiceFriend helps providers:

  • Improve staff productivity – Coverage for open shifts and appointments, training reminders, and family and senior notifications become simple tasks with VoiceFriend—enabling staff to stay focused on care for their seniors.
  • Increase satisfaction levels – VoiceFriend ensures seniors and families are easily informed of changes in schedules and other vital notifications.
  • Reduce costs – With VoiceFriend, missed appointments, staff overtime and time spent inefficiently on routine alerts and reminders are a thing of the past.

VoiceFriend in action at CarePartners Health Services

At CarePartners PACE program, the team provides comprehensive medical and social services to frail seniors in their community. CarePartners struggled with reminders for medical appointments, home care reminders, family updates and emergency alerts.

So CarePartners turned to VoiceFriend to help them address these challenges. CarePartners implemented the VoiceFriend Notification Solution and its easy-to-use messaging system.

The results? Their on-time appointments skyrocketed, grievances dropped to their lowest levels, family engagement increased and staff productivity significantly improved.


“With VoiceFriend, staff are more productive, appointment confusion is a thing of the past and families have been so appreciative of the timely messages.”

Kirsten Cone
Operations Director
CarePartners PACE

"VoiceFriend enables us to communicate vital information the way each staff, family and senior wants to be communicated with, whether by land line, cell phone, email and/or text messaging. It truly has been a difference maker."

Rhonda Glyman, Executive Director, Harvard Medical School’s affiliate—Hebrew Senior Life

Put VoiceFriend to work for you in just 30 minutes

Easy to set up

Using our step-by-step guide, you can have VoiceFriend set up and ready to start helping your community in 30 minutes or less.

No special equipment required

VoiceFriend does not require special equipment or software downloads. To send messages all you need is internet access. To receive messages, all you need is a landline or cell phone.

Simple to use

VoiceFriend uses an Outlook-like calendar system to easily schedule automated alerts and reminders (one-time or recurring) to be sent out exactly when you want.

VoiceFriend lets you safely and securely schedule and send notifications from any device on the internet. It’s truly that simple!

Screenshot of software on computer monitor

Safety and wellness checks made easy and more effective

VoiceFriend’s new Safety and Wellness Check Module provides three easy options for seniors to perform their safety or wellness check:

  1. Receive a phone call and press a number on the phone keypad to report their level of wellness.
  2. Call the community's designated phone number by a specific required time.
  3. Check in via their voice-activated Amazon Alexa-enabled device by simply saying “Alexa, tell VoiceFriend I’m okay.” 

VoiceFriend automatically notifies staff of which seniors failed to perform their wellness check or need further follow-up, allowing your staff to prioritize their attention.

Customize your own follow-up questions
VoiceFriend also lets you customize follow-up questions such as “How are you feeling?” or “Do you have any questions about your medications?” to further ensure wellness and satisfaction.