Discharged Patient Engagement

Now you can reduce hospital readmission and increase referrals with this first-of-its-kind solution specifically designed for post-acute care providers.

VoiceFriend’s Discharged Patient module uniquely optimizes discharged patient engagement. 

By combining your nurse calls with automated calls, VoiceFriend’s Discharged Patient module helps promptly identify at‐risk patients and assure patient satisfaction.
It provides a simple color-coded dashboard and accurate reporting tool to help you:

  • Increase 5-star quality ratings

  • Provide data analytics and meet hospital network requirements

  • Increase patient and network referrals

  • Positively impact census

Best yet, the Discharged Patient module is included (at no extra cost) as part of VoiceFriend’s proven Integrated Messaging and Engagement (IME) solution. 

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Satisfied discharged patients means more referrals

Reduce hospital readmissions while boosting satisfaction results and census
By helping you keep your discharged patients on track with their healthcare plans, VoiceFriend helps reduce hospital readmissions. This helps boost satisfaction and census. And stronger satisfaction means more referrals from patients and families.

Increase hospital network referrals with VoiceFriend’s discharged patient results reports
VoiceFriend’s Discharged Patient Dashboard automatically documents patient results—allowing you to easily share reports with hospital networks. And when hospital networks see accurate reports showing your community’s success in managing discharged patients, you’ll boost your opportunity to improve referrals.

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Reduce hospital readmissions

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Increase satisfaction and census results

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Meet compliance while boosting hospital referrals