"Alexa, ask VoiceFriend"

Seniors and families can listen to seniors’ schedules, menus, care plans and reminders with any Alexa-enabled device.

Amazon Echo

Simple, easy, voice-activated notifications

With the Alexa-enabled VoiceFriend Automated Notification Solution, your seniors can listen to their daily schedules, care plans and appointment reminders simply by saying “Alexa, play VoiceFriend” to their Amazon Alexa enabled device.

Family members can use any Alexa-enabled device to keep up to date with their loved one’s activities, events, meal specials and care plans. And more informed families are better able to encourage the healthy, engaged lifestyle of their loved ones.

Supports those with visual or mild cognitive impairments
By placing Amazon Alexa-enabled devices—such as the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot—in common areas or apartments, you can give impaired residents access to vital information about upcoming activities, events or meals through simple voice commands. And because Alexa makes only the latest, relevant announcements, you’ll reduce the risk of confusion.

Boosts staff productivity
Alexa-enabled VoiceFriend makes it easy to keep residents and seniors more informed and engaged. That means your staff delivers fewer reminders through telephone calls and visits—and you save hundreds of hours of staff time per year.

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Boost the impact of your community tours

By including a demonstration of VoiceFriend’s impressive Alexa skill during community tours, prospects and family members will know you’re serious about keeping residents engaged and satisfied—while keeping families and loved ones informed. Easy to set up. Easy to use. No added cost.

Make safety and wellness checks easier and more effective

VoiceFriend’s new Safety and Wellness Check Module uses the same Alexa skill to provide easier, more-effective options for seniors to perform their safety and wellness checks. This helps staff to proactively identify seniors that may be in need of support or medical attention.

Reduce hospital readmission rates and avoid penalties

VoiceFriend’s Safety and Wellness Check Module also helps skilled nursing communities and rehabilitation centers ensure that discharged patients are compliant with their care plans to avoid hospital readmission. This compliance is key to avoiding potentially expensive penalties on your Medicare payments due to poor readmission rates.

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“When we first saw the new VoiceFriend Alexa skill in action, we immediately knew it would be valuable for our residents and their families. By extending our ability to help our residents stay active and engaged, it will undoubtedly improve the quality of their lives. We’ll be rolling this out to all of our communities.”    

Clint Fowler, Corporate Guest Services Director at Leisure Care

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Increase engagement and independence

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A great sales tool for prospects during events and tours

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